Thematic Focused Areas:
  1. Development
  2. Peace & Security

Each thematic area is further sub-classified as follows:-

1.     Development   2.      Peace & Security
1.1  Agriculture & Environment/Livelihood   2.1 Human Rights
We focus on;

  • Converting barren (non-productive) to agriculture land
  • Increasing yield per acre output of small farmers
  • Promoting agro forestry for ecological conservation
  • Introducing alternative/diversified farming for sustainable agriculture
  • Enhancing access to water alternatives for sustainable agriculture
  • Conducting research on agriculture, food security and environment in context of unplanned urbanization
The program enables OCD to;

  • Enhance capacities of Human Right Activists for promotion of right based approach.
  • Organize capacity building activities for staff, volunteers and beneficiaries to respond HR issues effectively on pre-facto basis
  • Raise awareness for social justice and social cohesion
  • Enhance capacities of at-risk population to seek their rights as equal citizens
1.2 Formal & Informal Education   2.2 Gender & Good Governance
We aim on;

  • Providing safe, secure and joyful learning environment to the children in rural settings
  • Following modern curriculum compatible with urban education
  • Promoting girl-child education and motivate drop-outs’ to return back in schools
OCD through this program is struggling to;

  • Advocate gender friendly spaces to eradicate discrimination
  • Inclusion of women in socio-economic/decision-making processes at all level
  • To strengthening local bodies institutes for promoting democratic practices for good governance
1.3 Disaster Response   2.2 Peacebuilding
In time of Natural / Man-made disaster OCD;

  • Assesses the situation / damages both in context of Human and infrastructure losses
  • Raises appeals to both local and international individual(s) / organization(s) for support
  • Provides relief, rehabilitation and preparedness assistance
  • Induces CBDRM among disaster prone communities
  • Under this sub-them we;
  • Promote social harmony among all faiths through peacebuilding campaigns/promotions.
  • Arrange various capacity building activities for staff, volunteers and our beneficiaries to respond to any peace issues effectively
  • Form and sustain Community Groups with members comprising of our alumni + volunteers  + religious + strategic members’


Health is a cross-cutting theme through which OCD;
  • Enhances capacities of grassroots communities about common diseases, their causes, effects and preventive measures
  • Promotes and liaisons government run primary health care services for the common-masses
  • Raises awareness on importance of personal hygiene, STI/D and Hepatitis with pre-emptive actions
Working Strategies
  • Social Mobilization
  • Raising Awareness
  • Capacity Building
  • Research & Advocacy
  • Information Dissemination
  • Provision of Services
  • Networking & Linkages
  • Technical Assistance