Marianne Kindergarten Girls Middle School


All children globally, need intellectual development, motivation and skills set to equip them for successful lives and lifelong learning. This result from having quality-learning environments, challenging expectations and consistent guidance. Access to quality and compulsory education is a fundamental right of every child. In Pakistan, education is neither free, nor compulsory, nor easily accessible to all children. In the 70 years since its creation, the country has managed to attain a literacy rate of 55%.

Quality education provides a child with lifelong benefits. It does not just give you knowledge, but also makes you a better person. It provides you with social acceptability in the society and gives you empowerment in context of decision making, problem solving and even multi-tasking. Education should not be considered as a want in fact, it should be perceived as a need for every living human being on earth.

We started Marianne Kindergarten in 2006 with 15 children. Which become very progressive with the hard work of teachers, effective supervision of OCD and special support of Kindermissionswerk. In October 2010, the school shifted in its new building and registered as girl’s school providing education up to the eight standard. Since inception, we are providing child-centered education in an appropriate learning atmosphere focusing on the special needs of kids and enhances the capacities of teachers in becoming good facilitators.